11 months


You are 11 months old!

You’ve said Mama – exactly one time – and I magically caught it on tape to prove it. 😋

I can tell that your comprehension of language is growing every day. And you talk up a storm when you feel like it. Your favorite “words” are still duddy, da-da, da-ga, and grrrrrr. 😂

You like giving raspberry kisses and hugging your face close to mama and papa’s faces. You think nose kisses are funny. 

You have strong opinions about things. You prefer “brushing” your own teeth and you’d rather not wear diapers. You also want whatever it is that I don’t want you to have. 😋

You have started to walk a few weeks ago – a couple steps here and there. You’re so joyful and adventurous. I think that’s why you started crawling early too. So much to see, lots of places you needed to get to! ❤️

You love banging toys. On the wall, on tables, on other toys. You like taking apart your puzzle mat and playing your version of hide and seek: you speed crawl away (behind your bed) and then look back to see if I’m following you and if I am you crack up laughing! 😂

You love books, especially “I love you more and more” – thx Sha Sha!!, and “Kiss goodnight, little bear!” And Chu’s Day (thx, Naomi!).

Some days I look at you and your face looks so grown, not old, just different. Like a boy, not a baby. 

We keep busy: we go to brunch, the library, to playdates, OMSI, Hammer and Jack, hikes, on bear-ventures (like pumpkin patches, hayrides, and salmon hatching). 

I love you baby bear. Next month is your birthday. 🎈 

We love baby wearing! 

A rainy Portland day! You’re ready with your boots and rain coat!

Pumpkin patch!

Hanging with Papa. 

Play date with Duke!

You and Isi. 

Painting at the daycare!


You are 10.5 months old and this week, you took your first independent steps! I had told the daycare not to say anything but Becky said something on Monday about you walking and hitting your head. I was sad you hurt yourself but also annoyed that she told me about you walking. 

But today, 3 days later, I saw it with my own eyes! We were downstairs saying good bye to papa before going to the Kita, and you took a few steps towards me!

I was so excited. I tried to coax itout of youa couple more times but you were done for the moment and prefered cruising around the table instead. But you showed Britney when we got to the daycare! 

I’m so proud of you my little bear! You are determined and couragous and adventurous. I love you SO very much.

In related news, you slept for two long stretches last night: from 7-10, 10-1, 1-6! I hope it wasn’t a fluke. I think it’s really true that it’s worst right before hitting some milestones! 


The circle of life. 

My sweet little bear,

Your grandpa Calvin passed away this week. You got to meet him the day before he passed and Papa says you loved on him. You also got to spend yesterday with your grandma Pat, Papa and me as we revisited your grandpa’s history.

When you’re older, your papa will tell you all about it. Your grandpa Calvin was Paiute (like you) and had a lot of Trauma, and as a result didn’t always make good life choices. 

In his last days, he did acknowledge your papa and you, and I’m thankful for that.


10 months!

My little boy,

You are growing fast! Rarely are you my little baby anymore. You’re a little boy with your own mind and strong feelings.

You are fiercly moving around, climbing on and over everything and everyone in your path, determined to get somewhere. You are walking well with assistance but are anxious to take steps on your own. That’s ok, little bear. You’ll know when you’re ready to take those steps! And mama and papa will be there to cheer you on when that day comes.

You still strongly dislike being in the car. I get it! You are strapped in, unable to move the way you want. So we stay local and just try to find places to take you where you can run wild!

You are having a rough time with teething, your first molar already coming in. You communicate your pain through biting (ouch!), but mama is learning to be more proactive in giving you a teething toy to chew on instead. 

You are very social, giving everyone around you lots of attention and smiles. You have some sweet friends at the daycare and You are very attached to Amber, your daycare provider. I am both grateful for your bond with her and at the same time sad and a little hurt that you enjoy your time with her so much. I miss you when I’m at work and wish I could be with you more. 

You have a great sense of humor, laugh often and heartily. You are ticklish and you love peek-a-boo games. Anyone hearing you laugh is compelled to laugh with you.

We have a great bedtime routine and you usually fall asleep right away. You are an early bird, sometimes ready to play at 5am. 😳

We have nice conversations. Your favorite words are dada gaga and duddy. 

You love being outdoors and going hiking in a carrier on mama’s back. You love listening to Jazz with your papa and splashing in water. You love banging on things and chewing on things, you love books that you know (but not new ones) and you like watching people dance. 

I love you, Koa Reed. 🍃❤️

9 months old

My Koa. My Little Bear. My Blueberry. 
This week is a very special week. You are 9 months old, but moreover, Wednesday marks the date that you will have been in this world for as long as you were inside of my belly: 39 weeks and 3 days. I’m so thankful for every day that I get to be your momma. 

You are the best part of my day.
The stats: you are 29″ (73.5cm) tall and weigh 21.5 Lbs. You have 6.5 teeth. You have your own room in the new house and you love your new daycare. 
You have a great sense of humor, are quite mischievious and are showing a bit of stranger anxiety. You can stand unassisted, are the speed crawl champion, love climbing and moving around. You love snuggles when you’re tired and you can give great hugs and kisses.

You can wave good bye (sorta) and are quite chatty when noone’s around. You can say dada. You are very determined and hyperfocused when you want something. 
You love chewing on my wallet, papa’s glasses, napkins, any paper, water bottles, books and your plastic shapes. 

You love baths, trees, food, being held by momma and papa, skyping with grandma and grandpa. You love falling asleep with momma (nursing) and you love your papa’s singing. 
You got to meet your grandpa Calvin, your aunt Laura and your uncle Sam. 
You do not like being in a carseat, chair or stroller (anything that restricts you), brushing your teeth, and not seeing where momma is.
You make me so happy. I can’t wait to spend tomorrow with you. And the day after and the day after that. I love you to the moon and back, my baby boy. 
❤️ Mama

8 months 


Words cannot describe the joy you bring us. You are so curious and happy. You love moving so much, you climb everything, even other kids, momma, and papa. You love crawling and standing so much that even when you sleep, you sleep in a crawling position and that’s how you drink your milk too. 

You like food but you also think spitting it out is hillarious. 

You have 6 teeth! I didn’t even notice you getting those last 2. Shows how sweet you are.

 You’ve been sick twice, with a fever and an awful rash and it was heartbreaking to watch you hurt. But your papa took good care of you.

You saw your very first fireworks! You loved it so much. 


7 months

Koa baby,

you are 7 months old today! You are growing quickly and it’s a joy being around you. You have such a fierce personality, are very determined, and curious about the world around you. You tend to be very content so long as you can move around and play unobstructed.

You are pulling yourself up on furniture and taking steps left and right. You climb on everything and anything, be it furniture or people! You love standing so much that you even nurse in a crawling/standing position. It’s really funny and sweet.

You started daycare and so far, you seem to really enjoy it. There’s a lot of space for you to move around in, and toys for you to play with. Yesterday was your first day alone, and it was hard on me, cause I missed you while I was at my work trainings, but I checked in on you in the afternoon and you were taking a nap, so that made me happy.

We have quite a nice routine going, for the mornings and also bedtime.

I just love you so much. I love your many smiles and your beautiful laugh. I love how friendly and happy you are. I truly could not imagine you being any more perfect.